PaperStone® is truly “The Countertop with a Conscience”

PaperStone’s component parts are quite simple and friendly to the earth. First, we use FSC-certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper saturated with our proprietary PetroFree™ phenolic resins containing ingredients like cashew nut shell liquid. Phenolic resins have been around for a century since Henry Baekeland invented Bakelite, the original, ubiquitous black thermoplastic case for rotary telephones. Phenolic resins have long been prized for their abrasion resistance and are still preferred for high quality automotive brake pads.
Once saturated, the sheets are fused together under heat and pressure. This cross-links the resin polymer in all three directions producing a dense, homogeneous and essentially non-porous composite product that does not delaminate. Ordinary paper is transformed into an extremely strong and durable solid surface material with incredible longevity and resistance to water. PaperStone® has a class A fire and smoke rating. It is heat resistant to 350°F and has been certified ‘food safe’ by NSF, the public health and safety company.