Elegant Simplicity, “Charcoal” is very dark with complex nuance.

The right look for a relaxing bar under minimal lighting . PaperStone® “Charcoal” appears permanent and immovable but feels satin to the touch. Anywhere you’d like to show a fine piece of art, a Charcoal base will provide focus and contrast.

Charcoal’s surface color is dark gray and the core is 100% recycled Slate black. Like every PaperStone countertop, Charcoal is the product of skilled engineers and scientists, making for extreme durability under a wide range of applications, 18 inches extension unsupported for instance (your knees will thank you). Charcoal is FSC certified, made with melamine and phenolic resins, very durable thermosetting plastics used in high pressure decorative laminates.

In short, Charcoal is another fine choice for a countertop where the intersection of the best materials and strength meet understated lustrous beauty. Charcoal can be compared to the insides of a cask of the finest single malt scotch, without the scotch.

There are special instructions for the preparation of Sand. Please review the bulletin at the following link: Sand Thru Caution

Charcoal is comprised of a solid 100% recycled Slate core.

Available dimensions:

30” x 96”  30” x 120“  30” x 144“  60” x 96“  60” x 120“  60” x 144“

Available thicknesses:

0.125”  0.25”  0.375”  0.5”  0.75”  1.00”  1.25”