PaperStone® is the greenest architectural surface on the planet.

As with any quality countertop installation, a high level of precision is required during both the templating and installation processes. However, PaperStone® lessens the load because it is easily worked using traditional high-quality carbide-tipped woodworking tools. No special fabrication equipment is necessary as is the case with quartz or granite. And a wide variety of edge profiles can be achieved with a router. This may result in savings during the installation process as compared to the cost of installing other materials. Because of PaperStone’s rigidity and strength-of-span, it can be cantilevered an impressive distance without deflection.

Your local dealer or fabricator will be able to assist you with the specification and installation of PaperStone®. Do-It-Yourselfers with woodworking skills can get information on purchasing affordable PaperStone® and doing the fabrication and installation themselves at